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What to put in the content of your rez is currently outside of the scope of this project.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. Resume style is evolving at a record pace
  2. HR departments are becoming more automated and have less people
  3. Most large companies no longer accept paper resumes. If they do, they are usually scanned into a computer
  4. People don't have much time to review a resume
  5. Keywords are extremely important. With today's automated systems, a hiring manager may never see your resume if you omit a required skill
  6. Don't put skills that you don't really wish to use, otherwise you may get matched to a job you don't want
  7. Spelling and grammer still count

Below are some resources that may serve as a starting point...



e Resumes
cover How to job hunt on the internet.

Resumes in Cyberspace
cover How to job hunt on the internet.

110 Best Job Search Sites on the Internet
cover Where to job hunt on the internet.

Trashproof Resumes
cover Resume Basics

How to Spot a Phony Resume

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