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Latest Version : Incomplete Pre-Alpha - This is a sample DTD to indicate a statement direction. It is neither complete nor stable!

Lightweight XML DTD and XSL Style-Sheets for the structuring of Resumes and Job Listings. The purpose of this project is to implement a simple and balanced standard data exchange format between job seekers, employers, recruiters, and listing services.


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XML Sample 8/13/01

DTD Sample 8/13/01

HTMLized DTD Description 8/20/01

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  1. What does rezML stand for?
  2. What is a "rez"?
  3. The HR-XML Consortium has already has solved this problem with a copious and robust set of DTDs, conferences, reviewing bodies, and standards. Why have another standard?
  4. The XMLRésuméLibrary has already has solved XML Resumes. Why have another standard?
  5. Why a lightweight standard?
  6. I'm just looking for a job, why should I use rezML?
  7. Why is that?

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